River Run Plantation

There are many reasons to make the Southport, North Carolina area your new home. One of those reasons is close access to the coast – and, of course, all of the perks which that entails: boating, swimming, the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the cool breeze hovering over the surf. Another reason is the abundance of lifestyle choices here—places where you can indulge in as much tennis or golf as you like. And then, there are the homes—a variety of them, in all shapes and sizes, guaranteeing there is a home here for everyone.

All of these things are encompassed in the Southport area’s lovely, one-of-a-kind coastal communities. One such community is River Run Plantation, a gated community that includes plenty of changes for mingling and community-building, plus easy access to the beach and to the water. Best of all, the benefits of historic downtown Southport are just a quick drive away.

It truly represents the best of all possible worlds—and if you’re interested in making your new home here, the first step is to contact a local real estate agent. That’s where our team comes into play. We’ve been providing service in the Southport area for decades, and are passionate about helping our clients find the perfect home for them.

Whether you are relocating, retiring, or simply seeking a new life along the sea, Southport welcomes you. River Run Planation is just one example of that. To start seeing some homes in the area, we invite you to contact our caring and experienced team today.

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Starting our house search, my wife and I randomly contacted a realty office in Southport, NC. We were lucky to connect with Sarah Smith! We met at her office where we reviewed homes and proceeded to look at all the houses that met our requirements of price, location and style. Sarah was enthusiastic and tireless from beginning to end and filled us in with details about the area. Although we didn’t find a house that first day, a new property came the last day we were there. With some trepidation, as we were leaving the following morning, Sarah quickly arranged for us to see it first. It was the right one for us! Sarah did not only see us through the negotiations and contract signing. She also arranged the inspection; negotiated repairs needed in the contract and followed through with inspection of that work. She also recommended insurance agents and efficiently cleared up glitches that occurred. Much of what she did was above and beyond what we expected and of great comfort since we do not yet live in the area. Sarah communicated with us every step of the way, routinely checking in with our long distance transaction. Sarah was professional in every sense and we recommend her highly! She is a delight!

Sarah fulfilled all of our expectations and went far beyond. We couldn’t have asked for a more impressive, kind, encouraging, and patient realtor who provided expertise that only a well-seasoned experienced and extremely professional realtor could provide. No question that in the future when we make our transition back to sunny coast of North Carolina that we will use Sarah for all of our real estate needs. If you ever wondered who can I trust, who will have the expertise to accomplish the task at hand to find for myself and my loved ones a high quality, beautiful place to call home, or to sell your house in a flash, I urge you to call Sarah. We love her!!!!!!

Tony and Ann Collins
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